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Medizinische Gesichtsmaske 3 Lagen FDA-Zulassung

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Product Name
Medical Materials&Accessories Properties and Class I Instrument classification disposable mask
Deconstruction and composition
It is composed of nonwoven fabric and mask belt, the width of mask is not less than two layers, mask belt is composed of nonwoven
or elastic belt.
Product performance
This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and sterile
range of application
This product is used for one-time health care in the ordinary environment, or for blocking or protection of particles such as
pollen other than pathogenic microorganisms.
Where and when Wear a Mask
We must wear a mask when we go outside,such as walking,shipping and working during  novel coronavirusn time.
Open the package and use
Cautions, warnings and indicative instructions:
1. Please check the integrity of the package before use. Can not use if the package of the product is damaged.
1. Please check the integrity of the package before use. Can not use if the package of the product is damaged.
2.This product is for one-time use only. Please destroy it after use
3.Details of production batch number, specification, quantity and product validity period are shown in the packaging bag and
product qualification certificate
4.Use period:Please use it within the validity period
5.The date of production:The date of production is marked on the package
Storage:The product shall be stored in a clean room with a relative humidity not exceeding 80%, free from corrosive material erosion and well ventilated

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